Wind Events and Storm Damage Claims

Wind damage can strike residences or businesses unexpectedly and with little warning. While the approach of large tropical storms and hurricanes can be planned for, tornadoes and other major weather anomalies can occur suddenly, bringing high winds and intense rainfall with little to no warning. After such damage, it can be difficult to focus on documenting the destruction and ensuring that the insurance adjuster accurately records your losses.

A common challenge in windstorm claims is the unseen damage. While surface-level leaks and wall damage are apparent, it’s the unseen areas that require the most attention for identifying and documenting damage. Public Adjusters are skilled in detecting hidden damage to materials like drywall, insulation, wiring, and potential concealed water damage that may compromise the structural integrity of a property.

A white car is crushed under fallen power lines and poles, with a yellow vehicle in the background. Debris surrounds the area, highlighting the critical role Wind & Storm Damage Insurance Adjusters play in such disasters.

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