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Insurance companies can be interesting at times to deal with. They cannot pay out every claim willingly without pushing back. That is a fundamental of business and insurance is a business. Insurance firms often employ inventive strategies to minimize your claim, despite your rightful entitlement. As a property or business owner, you deserve to receive the full extent of what is owed to you—nothing less.

The journey is arduous and protracted. Securing a loyal ally that is representing your interests, and not those of insurance company will provide peace of mind, allowing for restful nights. Acorn and Associates is committed to ensuring equitable treatment and restoring your losses in full. We pledge our support from inception to completion. We stand at your side and are there to see you are fully indemnified.

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Our aim is to restore our clients’ lives to wholeness and secure the compensation you rightfully deserve. We stand with you at every step, ensuring you never feel alone.

Allowing your insurance company to assess the value of your claim may not align with your best interests. Acorn and Associates represents policyholders’ interests to ensure that the compensation accurately reflects the damage incurred, and not which the insurance company tries to make you settle for. In essence, during times of crisis, Acorn advocates on your behalf to secure the maximum settlement you are entitled to under your policy.


A Public Adjuster handles the negotiation and presentation of your claim to the insurance company. Your claim must encompass a “Rock-Solid” Proof of Loss submission package, which serves as the cornerstone of your claim and forms the foundation of the dispute with the insurance company. It is imperative that everything is presented properly.

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