Mold Claims

Insurance companies most often get creative when dealing with mold claims. It is common practice to twist policy exclusions in the homeowner’s policy and deny the claim based on these policy exclusions. Acorn is committed to challenging such rejections. Mold damage is commonly a result of weather-related incidents like storms or burst pipes and can also develop in consistently moist environments. It causes considerable damage to walls, ceilings, and personal items.

Mold exposure can lead to severe health issues, including headaches, dizziness, respiratory problems, and skin conditions. Insurance adjusters typically underestimate mold damage, addressing only the surface level. A public adjuster will thoroughly assess all damage, even that which isn’t immediately visible, to ensure complete compensation for your losses.

A decrepit wall with peeling paint and mold in an abandoned building. Partially illuminated by light from a right-side window, this scene would catch any mold insurance adjuster's eye. Debris is scattered across the floor, adding to the air of neglect.

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